Bout the bean...

Ok, so this is the page that we could bore you to tears with facts about beans, climate, region, altitude etc...but in the interest of keeping you on this site, we won't.

We can tell you we’re working hard every day to honour the passion of so many individuals that bring fine coffees to market. Coffee just doesn't happen!  It's the result of hundreds, maybe thousands of hands working together to bring those beans all the way from crop to cup.

The vast majority of what we roast is single-origin coffee, as opposed to blends. This allows us to represent individual growing regions as they were meant to be experienced. We also blend coffee, however that pertains exclusively to our line of espressos.  Blending for drip coffee is a part of the industry we’ve stayed away from in order to stay true to our belief that single origin coffee is king. For the same reasons, we do our best to select the finest organic and fair trade coffee whenever possible.

A premium product takes time to manufacture. It starts with us traveling around the world to research all aspects of both the coffee and the industry as a whole. Every growing region of the world, from Central and South America to Africa and Asia are targeted for finding product that meets our standards and taste profiles.

The bottom line at Moja....we don't believe in shortcuts...only great coffee.