A full immersion brew that gives you a clean, smooth and sweet cup. It’s portable and lightweight making it easy to brew not only at home but also on the road. Preferable method if you don’t have a scale.


What you need:

  • Aeropress kit - filter, stirrer, funnel and scoop included

  • Freshly Roasted Moja Coffee

  • Grinder

  • Hot Water

  • Kettle

  • Timer

  • Mug - with a mouth wide enough to fit the Aeropress

  • Scale (optional)

recommended Measurements:

  • 16g of Moja coffee (1 Aeropress scoop or 2 ½ tablespoons)

  • 220g water (or until the No. 4 on the Aeropress)

  • Grind medium fine

Brew time: 2 minutes

yields: 8 ounces


How to brew:

1. Measure & Grind

  • Measure out 16g of coffee or about a full scoop of the Aeropress spoon

  • Grind it to a medium fine grind

2. Prep the aeropress

  • Place your filter in the cap of the Aeropress and give it a good rinse

  • Preheat the Aeropress and the mug it will be brewed in

  • Discard the water from the Aeropress and mug

3. Add the coffee

  • Screw the basket onto the Aeropress and place on top of mug, basket down

  • Using the funnel, carefully add the 16g of coffee

  • Remove funnel

4. Add water

  • Start your timer and pour hot water over the coffee

  • Water should be just off the boil or at 205 degrees

  • Fill Aeropress with water to 220g (if you have a scale) or to the #4 on the Aeropress

5. Stir & Wait

  • Stir the coffee until the grinds are fully saturated

  • Place the plunger (rubber stopper) inside the bottom half of the Aeropress and pull up to create a pressure seal

    • This creates a vacuum effect that stops the water from dripping while brewing

  • Don’t plunge yet! Keep it like this until the 1:15 mark

6. Stir & Plunge

  • At 1:15, remove the plunger and stir once more

  • Put the plunger back on and gently press down with steady pressure, stopping when you hear the hissing sound

  • This entire brew process should take about 2 minutes to brew an 8oz cup of coffee

7. Clean & Enjoy

  • Remove the Aeropress from the mug

  • Twist open the basket it and pop out the coffee puck

  • Rinse with water to clean

  • Sit back and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of Moja coffee!



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