The Roasting Process

At Moja, coffee beans are subjected to numerous tests for overall quality and taste. It’s only then that we roast our many offerings and deliver them fresh.

We roast our coffee in a handmade Joper roaster that is capable of roasting 30 kilos at a time. The Joper was added to our roasting fleet in 2012, and was manufactured in Porto Portugal.  The Joper is a heavy weight beast, with many cast iron parts and outfitted with the latest PLC touch screen software. Joper has been around since 1962 and is now owned by Joao Paulo, great-grandson of the original owner. Andrew and Doug flew to Portugal during the summer of 2012 to inspect and train on the custom-made roaster before it was shipped to North Vancouver.

Like a great frying pan, a roaster needs to be "seasoned" as well.  Our roaster has been well seasoned over the last 3 years, and is producing coffee to our exact varietal profiles.  To this day, we still roast in small batches in order to maintain our high level of consistency.  

We love to show off what we do, and are happy to give tours of our roasting operation.  To book, please call the North Vancouver location at 604-983-6652.