Life at the Moj’

So I guess I should post here on occassion.

I love the idea of having this blog, I just have to tear myself away from the cafe to post on it more often. Maybe it’s just that I psyche myself out, and figure nothing I publish online is worth reading, stuff like “Today I rocked out a cappuccino and it was killer” isn’t really the inspiring internet literature one desires to send forth into the world. But I’ve got a few things to say that I think are half-decently interesting, and I’ve made several coffees this morning and sitting down at the staff computer doesn’t seem all bad.

First of all, thank you to all the Moja crowd that came out and supported the last theatre show I performed in. As some of you may or may not know, when I’m not slinging lattes I’m pursuing a carreer in the performing arts in so many different disciplines I figure one of them’s got to work out. The last show ended on the 24th, was called ‘Forty-Deuce” and went really really well. I’ve got another show coming up in a few short week, I’ll make sure to post it here.

Tristan as a crackhead.

That’s me on the far right, there. A change from jeans, a bar towel and collared shirt, no? Fun fact: Those are my girlfriend’s pants.

But seriously: Working in a place that cares about its employees is an amazing thing. I get nothing but support from Doug and Andrew who will let me tear out of the cafe at a moments notice for auditions, classes, shows, you name it. It’s a stellar thing. The icing on the cake (the crema on the ‘spro?) is that the customers, some of whom I see 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, show up and support. To those of you who came out: Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It moves me to see a community like Moja support their own. I could be just a coffee maker to you all, but you chose to make it more than that. It moves me beyond words, and I am proud to come to work every day to simply make coffee and hang out with my friends, whether I’ve known you for years or you just walked through the door.

That being said I’m glad the show’s over because playing a crackhead every night and coming to work every morning was wearing me out.

In other news? Other sad news: The wonderful and incomparable Eva Simcikova is headed back to the Czech Republic early next month, and her last day in the cafe is… tomorrow. Out turnover is really low, and it’s always sad to see someone as passionate, uplifting and simply good at her job leave us, but homesickness and work permit expiration is somewhat understandable, and we all wish her the best.

In other, better news: We have a brand new hire! Shelby joined the team as of a few shifts ago, and is getting used tolife at the moj’. So be nice, she’s new. Or don’t, and tip big. I’m gonna leave that one open.

The best news of all? El Salvador has finally made it’s long awaited appearence on the Back Shelf. We ran it as an espresso, but it was so finicky and acidic that it made no sense. But in the French Press, this coffee sings: Beautiful spicy orange fragrance off the dry grounds, while in the cup the aroma leans towards the floral but not wihout depth. Caramels, a medium body, and a good (almost berry?) sweetness are supported by a firm orangey acidity. A complex coffee, but some of the coolest El Salvador I’ve tried this year. We’ve also still got some Tanzania AA as well, with all it’s blackberry-y goodness, sitting there. I think it’ peaking out pretty quick though… we pressed it today and got a lot of blackberry juice with a nice upfront acidity and a cocoa tail, but I can feel it fading away. Get while the getting’s good.

Movember at Moja

The men of Moja have been growing some mo’s for charity this year as a part of Movember. Half of our tips for the month of November Movember have been donated to the Movember Foundation, which helps raise awareness for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer.

Moja Barista Mo's

Canada has raised more than $15M to date – the leading country for donations! Canadian donations go to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Thanks to everyone who has dropped some coin to support our mo’s. You still have a few days left! Then our sorry looking stylin’ facial hair will be no more.