Moja Coffee Featured in YEW’s Chocolate Dessert

The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver’s YEW seafood + bar recently shared a photo of their amazing Chocolate SCB dessert. Created by Pasty Chef Bruno Feldeisen, the offering includes three creations anchored by Madagascar dark chocolate from East Van Roasters, with each pairing showcasing local artisan products.


The dessert includes:

You can find this Travel by Chocolate dessert on the current YEW menu for January and February. If you go, be sure to drop a comment on your thoughts or use the #TravelbyChocolate on Twitter or Facebook.

Photo credit: Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Macc-Pops: The Search for the Elusive Iced Coffee

Damn, Macc-Pops, you lookin' good today...


Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve done it again.

I know there were thoughts of “Oh, the sun’s not out, Moja’s not cooking anything up” or, “Oh, those lazy baristas, where the summer drinks at?” and even “Why oh why doesn’t the Moj’ have anything iced?” (Which is untrue, why would you think that? We make iced EVERYTHING except Capps… I guess thats the only thing we don’t ice…)

But now, our crack team of coffee scientists have done the impossible. Three baristas at Moja have pooled their collective cafe experience to bring you the never-anticipated but much underestimated and never, ever duplicated:

Orange Maple Macc-Pops

Oh, you heard me the first time.

It’s a one of a kind popsicle to be enjoyed by everyone, and inject a little summer into everyones… well, everyones lack of summer.

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, Cream, Double Espresso, and a dash of Maple Syrup. Frozen to a stick. Yours, for $3, while supplies last.

If they go over well I’ll make a whole bunch of them and keep them around for the summer. Ben and I are going to make MochaPops this afternoon with a single spro, cream and chocolate. I guess Ben though the Macc-Pops were a little espresso-y for the uninitiated.. I dunno, I thought they were great. But chocolate is chocolate, and I don’t want to deny people they’re chocolate.

Anyways: Macc-Pops. Get while the gettin’s good. Like… before the staff gets to ‘em.

Look out!

Moja ‘Faceoff’ Playoff Special

The Vancouver Canucks are heading into the final game, game 7, in the 2011 Playoffs tomorrow. To wish them the best of luck in bringing home the Stanley Cup, we’re offering this limited time drink special – the Moja Faceoff!

Moja Faceoff

We show our colours with these two ingredients!

GREEN – Mint Leaves
BLUE – A fresh blueberry

The Moja Faceoff is mint leaves, vanilla ice cream, a blueberry and a double espresso served on the side. Just like with the Espresso Bomb, you ‘drop the puck’ of your espresso into the ice cream.

$4 while supplies last.

Experimenting with the Crème Brûlée Macchiato

We like to experiment in the cafe. To refine our skills. To come up with new and fun specials for the cafe. Today we put together a few crème brûlée macchiatos for some lucky customers. And hey, we got to have fun with the mini blow torch – and who doesn’t love the mini blow torch?!

Crème brûlée macchiato

  1. Make macchiato (espresso with a touch of milk)
  2. Sprinkle on some golden brown sugar
  3. Quickly get out the torch (before the sugar sinks) and fire up until golden
  4. Yum!