Moja Cafe

Our cafe, opened in 2008, is a window into our roasting process. Quite literally. On a daily basis, you can look through a window to see the workings of our roaster as we roast our varieties of coffee beans.

Moja Coffee offers a true European cafe experience featuring traditional Italian standards. We believe coffee should always be an escape. Our focus is to provide great customer service, a modern environment and, of course, the best products available anywhere.

Enjoy the freshest coffee anywhere and treat yourself to one of our featured Thomas Haas pastries baked daily on-site.

Check out our Moja Cafe Gallery for more photos.

Our Brewing Methods

Our espresso machine is a true work of art and allows us to “pull” some of the finest shots you’ll ever taste. The Athena Leva machine by Victoria Arduino has truly been a staple in our cafe since we opened the doors. It’s not an antique, but rather based on a 1950’s model by the same company.

About the Athena Leva machine by Victoria Arduino:

Victoria Arduino is now owned by Nuova Simmonelli; however, they continue to dominate the specialty and high-end side of production for even that well-respected brand. The working of the machine is surprisingly simple: a 17L boiler on a heat exchange system provides consistent water temperature and creates the steam needed for texturing milk for cappuccini and lattes.

The levers aren’t as manual as they look: they work on a system called “passive pre-infusion”. The general idea in the public mind of a barista literally “pulling” shots with levers is inverted here. When the lever is pulled down, it compresses a spring inside the piston and opens a valve to let water saturate the top of a coffee puck, evening out any channels in the puck before they form. At this point the lever is locked down, and pressure won’t be applied until the barista unlocks the lever from the ‘down’ position, generally after the puck is soaked all the way through. At this point, the spring returning to the home position does all the work as the spring applies pressure on a curve (14bars all the way down to 3bars) to the puck, resulting in the espresso doppio you know and love. It’s a really exciting way to brew coffee as it forces the barista to monitor each shot all the way through, and stay very attentive to his or her espresso quality as the day goes on.

We also serve drip coffee or can set you up with a French press with the coffee selection of your choice. We are happy to help you choose a coffee that’s just right for you.


Monday – Saturday 7:30am to 5pm
Sunday 9am – 3pm

Closed Select Holidays


1412 Rupert Street
North Vancouver, B.C.
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