Commercial Drive Update week of February 23

The new space which has been under construction for a long time now is finally taking shape.  We have just completed all the drywall work and installed a new drop ceiling that will be over the bar area.  Next week, we are having the floor poured with a cool concrete finish and then the work of getting the bar cabinets and shelving will start.  We will be opening the doors in March, however it's still a bit early to give you the exact date. 

As for our new staff, Moja has started the interview process, and have met tons of great people who want to be a part of this special project.  We are excited to welcome all the new talent to our team of coffee pros.

Feb 3 Home Skills Espresso Workshop

Since our first two Espresso Workshops for 2015 filled up so quickly, we will be holding a third one on February 3rd @ 6pm.

Moja Home Espresso Skills Workshop Details:

  • Learn basic espresso techniques
  • Learn correct milk steaming
  • Get an introduction to latte art
  • Learn how to get the most from your grind and how to make adjustments at home
  • Learn how to choose the right coffee for your machine
  • Learn about the coffee roasting process with a hands-on course on our roaster at Moja!